Responding to Poverty, Corruption, and Injustice
Free Bible Study on God's Heart for the Poor

Navigators around the world are committed to living and serving among the poor and oppressed. Compelled by Jesus and the Scriptures, our Worldwide Partnership seeks to provide "whole-life discipleship" for people in every type of circumstance. This means caring for spiritual and physical needs. Helping those in need gain the resources they need to sustain themselves is a primary focus of our international work. 
A team of international Navigator leaders has developed a free, six-part study guide to help you gain a deeper understanding of God's heart for those impacted by injustice and oppression. You can find the study online at the link below. We encourage you to work through this study with your family and friends.
On the site, you'll also find a downloadable version of the NavPress book by Okorie Kalu. In the book, Okorie tells the moving story of how God rescued him from poverty. You'll also find several short videos about international Navigator efforts to serve among the oppressed.  
As God's inspires your heart, may He also give you the passion to serve those in your circle (or beyond) who are struggling under poverty and oppression.