The international work of The Navigators is a unique partnership in which men and women who follow Christ work together to share the redemptive truth of God among the nations. As a multinational partnership we are, by God's power, able to help the Gospel take root in many cultures. Like a symphony, the whole becomes greater than the sum of its parts.

Three words describe well the international partnership of The Navigators: worldwide, diversified, and unified.

First, our partnership is worldwide. What started as a small group of young men in the 1930s studying the Scriptures, later developed to reach World War II naval officers. After the war, the Navigator work expanded and today the Worldwide Partnership of The Navigators includes more than 100 nations.

Second, our movement is diverse. Navigator leaders represent a plethora of cultural backgrounds. These leaders carry the Gospel in personal ways to people who have a full spectrum of beliefs and lifestyles. Our diversity is also expressed in an array of ministries such as reaching university students, working with business professionals, and serving among the poor, to name a few.

Finally, this diverse worldwide partnership is unified. We have strong common bonds, a shared vision and calling, and a firm commitment to the Scriptures. As Navigators, we place a high value on personal relationships, the ability of every believer to make a significant contribution, a passion for life-on-life investments in people who don't know Christ, whole-life discipleship that enables believers to grow spiritually and live transformed lives, and a focus on establishing leaders who can develop future generations of Christ-followers.