April 2018

In This Issue
The 98th issue of Worldwide leads with an inspiring article about how to deepen your prayer life while integrating prayer with your work, by David Lyons. Next, read about a remarkable Dutch mom who has started a community garden to reach Middle East refugees and immigrants in Holland. Finally, Alan Ch'ng shares the story of a military ministry leader who is seeing generational impact among soldiers and sailors. 
To Know Him

I experience so much more peace. I am also more productive, because I’m more focused. Yes, I’m praying more. But it’s not burdening me; it’s freeing me.

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To Make Him Known

From the relationships that have blossomed in the garden, Meredith has many opportunities to share her faith in natural ways. “All of this is happening at the Spirit’s pace,” she says. “I’m now a respected outsider.”

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To Help Others Do the Same

"God brought Allan at the right time when I was ready to quit. . . . What a privilege [discipling men] is! I’m hooked. This is what I want to do for the rest of my life.”

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“Africa’s struggle with hardship, pain and evil has helped me gain a deeper appreciation of the critical needs of the human heart: the struggle with emptiness, fear and guilt,” says Bulus. “I am convinced that God alone is the answer to all three.”

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