July 2014

In This Issue
In Worldwide for July 2014, Esther Waruiru shares a personal letter from a Navigator in Africa who has seen God be "the Father to the fatherless" after her husband died, leaving her to raise two sons as a widow. Next, Neil Grindheim encourages us to share the Gospel with people by telling stories, the way Jesus often did. And David Lyons recounts what God is doing in dangerous regions to sustain movements of the Gospel. 
To Know Him

That night’s accident led him to his home in heaven instead. The memories of a champion father lingered in our sons’ minds.

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To Make Him Known

I was with George and his best Thai friends one warm evening. We sat on mats on the ground under a full moon and cooked our own meals over charcoal while George told stories—with a purpose. His friends were captivated.

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To Help Others Do The Same

Navigators are fully committed to reaching the mainstream culture. They have even moved their families into dangerous neighborhoods. They have worked hard to overcome cultural barriers, to convey the Gospel in a way that their neighbors can understand. 

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Navigators Open New Work

Pray for the pioneering Navigators who are opening new ministries in the Caribbean.

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Pray each day for three months, for Navigator missions initiatives in Europe.

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