October 2015

In This Issue
It is through our relationships with God, with one another, and with those who don't yet know Christ that the Gospel advances into the nations and through the generations.

First, International President Mutua Mahiaini describes how Navigator leaders seek to integrate leadership with worship. Then David Lyons shares the story of how Navigator pioneers are witnessing a foundational generation serve God together, as kindred spirits. And Mike Shamy, in his article titled "The Third Age," tells how a Brazilian Navigator couple in their late 70s continues to serve in the strength of the Lord, building interdependency across four generations of people.
To Know Him

We believe it is important to make time to seek God together, to integrate worship and leadership.

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To Make Him Known

We need to be in community with likeminded people who share our distinct calling. We may survive alone, but without community we will tend to drift into other things. 

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To Help Others Do The Same

“I always tell the young people that I need their strength and energy, but I also remind them that they need my gray hair!” says Osvaldo. “And so, what is it that we need to have in common? Humility. We all need to recognize that we need to walk through life together.”

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Join with us in praying daily over the next three months for the Navigator work in the Asia-Pacific region.

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New International Video

A new video shares the beautiful story of God’s generational work through Navigators in Indonesia.

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